Blogs Worthy of a Read

A Gathering of Dreams//where tales are told in the moonlight

Victoria is amazing at writing ❤ (TPS)

Snowfall of Dreams

Grace Anne’s writings are hilarious and awesome 😀 (TPS)

Fire in a Void

Ohhh Josh *rolls eyes* (TPS)

Amazing Adventure

Rebecca’s blog is all about the amazing adventure of Christian life … check it out!!!! (VSA)

*Update* Rebecca’s blog name was changed – it’s now Joy Unspeakable

Reflections of a Thankful Heart

KARISSSSSS ASDFGHJKL Her blog is based along the same lines as Rebecca’s, however, it’s also different (VSA)

The Glass Room

Kate is both an artist and a writer and she uses both in her stories

Zella’s Books and Blog

Zella is a writer, and she uses this blog to help the poor in Haiti. Seriously, go check it out. (VSA)