Eclipse Tag

Yooooooo, Hope. Of course you would nominate me. :DDDD (that counts as a thanks) RULES Thank the person who nominated you for this tag. List the rules so the next nominees will know them. Include the ‘Eclipse’ image somewhere in your post.  Answer the 3 questions, and ask 3 questions for the next people. Nominate 3 people, … Continue reading Eclipse Tag


Rainbow Hues

I stand in front of the panels. This. This, the most important decision I’ll ever make. Rainbow hues dance before my eyes. I’ve traveled far and wide, years on end, to be here. And now. Do I choose the gold or the purple? “Venus or Neptune,” I say aloud. The vast cavern in which I … Continue reading Rainbow Hues


(let's just pretend I haven't been ignoring my blog for like four months) __________________________________________________ ____________________________________ just so you know, i don’t exactly know what i’m doing with my life right now. this is amazingly disjointed *sheepish laughter* anyhow just had to get it out. why in the universe is this all bold o_o __________________________________________________ ____________________________________ … Continue reading words

memorial day

war is cruel. in my history class, we've finished reading about all of the wars in US history, the revolutionary, the civil, the first world war, the second world war, the korean, and vietnam and all the little ones in between. we all fight our own battles. perhaps it has something to do with stress and anxiety, depression. they are important, *but look around at the world. … Continue reading memorial day


those times when you find old stories. it's awkward and amazing at the same time. you can see how you have grown your skills in writing yet it's awkward/cringeworthy because of the exact same reason. it's kinda like "how in actualness did i write that it doesn't even make sense?" but well this is the only … Continue reading no

Star Wars Day

Ik i haven't posted in a while soo HAPPY NATIONAL SW DAYY AND MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU (I kinda find it ironic that 5.4.17 and 5.5.17 are both related to star wars)


  done for my english class sorry in advance       #1. Haiku. A single bright white snowflake Lands on my window It glistens then it is gone.   EDIT: I'm such an idiot I mixed up the line lengths for the haiku that's not a haiku......its supposed to be 5/7/5 not 7/5/7   … Continue reading poems


smile whenever you're feeling down or nervous smiling releases certain chemicals in your brain that can make your heart rate and blood pressure both drop and also makes you feel much better smiling is contagious, too  


it takes 15 minutes straight for anyone to 'click' into whatever they're doing, may it be writing or reading or anything else. and when you do, that's called flow—you begin to have a flow of words (if you're writing) etc so continue on—especially when you find yourself at a hard place. dont stop, continue.